Name: Matt

Job: Director of Programming

Favourite Thing: Making people Smile

Describe Yourself in 60 Seconds:

I’m a qualified mechanical engineer and have over two decades of experience in many areas of engineering, including the motor-sport and oil and gas industries. I spent five years working as manager, key deliverer and developer of STEM-Point Norfolk, a government backed education support organisation. In December 2006 I formed Camouflaged Learning- a company that by now we’re sure you’ve realised is riddled with brilliance and effortless charm- and I’ve been the resident loud person ever since.

Describe Yourself in 60 Seconds:

....Over the years, I’ve been massively impressed with the myriad of engineering solutions thought up by students. Indeed, I use the fear that they may actually replace me here and force me to go back to working in the real world to keep me motivated when creating all our amazing projects and devices. I like it here, please don’t make me go back to a grown-up job.

Name: David

Job: Director of Project Design

Favourite Thing: Making things that make people Smile


Describe Yourself in 60 Seconds:

In contrast to Matt, I’m Camouflaged Learning’s perilously unfit person. In fact, just looking at him makes me tired. Luckily for everyone else, my business skills are fit as a fiddle, and I’m more than worth my weight in gold. As well as ensuring our fleet is always ridiculously tidy (there’s no such thing as too clean) I’m also responsible for making sure all our wonderful toys arrive safe and sound at schools up and down the country.

Name: Neil

Job: Logistics and Fleet Manager

Favourite Thing: A Deal (as much as the next man)


Describe Yourself in 60 Seconds:

I’ve had a long career doing sensible, professional, business type things, but now I work for Camouflaged learning. My role within the company is to ensure that all of the ‘boring’ paperwork is done to my satisfaction, that all the team-members know they are supposed to be at all times and that everyone knows the benefit of a really good knot. The others sometimes let me do some of the fun stuff too, for which I’m very grateful. Sometimes I talk about cranes or sailing, for which they’re less grateful.


Name: Mark

Job: Business Manager

Favourite Thing: A really excellent knot

Describe Yourself in 60 Seconds:

As a trained marine biologist, I’m not the first person you’d imagine would be responsible for all thing technological, but if my scientific background has taught me one thing it’s that there’s beauty in experimentation. Indeed, my work with Camouflaged Learning is really just a thinly veiled excuse to ‘experiment’ with as many fun things as possible, whilst ensuring that everyone that participates loves every minute of it. I feel like I have the best job in the world some days- it’s certainly better than working with sharks, anyway.

Name: Joanne

Job: Head of Product Development

Favourite Thing: A cake (two cakes, really)


Describe Yourself in 60 Seconds:

Despite being a qualified chemist, I’m in charge of all things spoken and written at Camouflaged Learning- which, as you can see from this website- is quite the task. Luckily for the others my heady mixture of determination and pedanticism, twinned with the desire to eradicate the typo, is just what’s needed. I once had a Cillit Bang advert changed because it said “lime scale is just calcium that sticks”, which it isn’t, it’s calcium carbonate, which is a totally different thing altogether. Being right matters to me, and it should matter to you, too.

Name: Simon

Job: Communications Manager

Favourite Thing: Winning an Argument. Second only to starting an argument.


Describe Yourself in 60 Seconds:

I'm a really lucky boy, as I get to spend every day with my best friend doing the thing I love best. I hope I have this job forever.

Name: George

Job: Safeguarding Manager

Favourite Thing: Making everyone feel safe and loved.


Describe Yourself in 60 Seconds:

My job here at Camouflaged Learning is to deliver all primary enrichment activities, and also to devise and deliver all of our exciting shows. I really love what I do, and feel very lucky to try and make others love it, too.

If you want an amazing experience for your primary students, please feel free to drop me a line on

Name: Kieran

Job: Primary Co-ordinator

Favourite Thing: Being the first to think of something


Describe Yourself in 60 Seconds:

My job here at Camouflaged Learning is to look after all of our promotional materials and manage the website.

When I’m not trying to discover the next big thing, I’m also very good at promoting our next big thing. If you’ve heard about it, it’s because of me. And if you haven’t, it’s because I didn’t want you to.

Name: Pamela

Job: Website and Marketing Manager

Favourite Thing: Science!


Describe Yourself in 60 Seconds:

That's easy. I'm happiness itself. You can keep the other 55 seconds. Make sure you do something nice with it. It's on me.


Name: Andy

Job: Outdoor Activities Manager

Favourite Thing: Being allowed to do this for a living


T: 01493 748815  M: 07760178040
A: Camouflaged Learning HQ, The Old Blacksmiths Workshop, Back Lane, Martham, Great Yarmouth, NR29 4PE.